Why New Homes are More Efficient – The Better Choice

You have decided the time is right to go all in and invest in a home for you and your family. How do you know if you should invest in a brand-new home with a successful builder like Saint Aubyn or shop around for a home that has more history? New homes offer some significant advantages that older homes do not. Here is why we think investing in a brand-new home is the right choice for you.

New homes have a variety of advantages but first among them is cost savings from both repairs and energy efficiency. By selecting a home that you know has a focus on energy efficiency from design all the way to appliance choices, you can be sure your utilities will be much more manageable, which is not a small thing living somewhere like Colorado where the weather changes on a dime. You can also breathe easier knowing that new homes are built with the newest and finest products, so you are not moving into a house that will require repairs from the get-go. Repairs like these can quickly become sinkholes you did not see coming, requiring more time, effort, and money than you had planned. Builders like Saint Aubyn also offer warranty plans on new homes, which means your peace of mind lasts long after you purchase your home.

Safety and adherence to all the latest codes and ideal designs are also a benefit to buying a new home. You have the opportunity to select the kind of floorplan that really works for you and your family, instead of working around someone else’s design and waiting, possibly years, to add on or change things due to cost. Aside from new homes already available in our gorgeous neighborhoods, if you want to create a customized home with Saint Aubyn from the ground up, we also offer premier locations to build your new home in Northern Colorado and the Pikes Peak Region.

Finally, one should not overlook the personal satisfaction of purchasing a new home and knowing you are the only ones to have ever lived there. The clean, open and inviting feel of a new home is much different than one with history and stories of previous tenants. If you want to experience the pride and excitement of being the very first owners of a home, then selecting a new home is the right option for you. Explore our neighborhoods in both Northern Colorado and Colorado Springs to see available homes and become inspired on your home buying journey! And as always, contact us if you have any questions or want to know where to begin.


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