June, July, & August – Why Summer Is The Time To Buy

The days are warmer and Memorial Day is just around the corner. Summer is finally here in Colorado! While the sunshine, gorgeous hiking trails, breweries, restaurants, and entertainment are enough of a draw to relocate and purchase a home here, there are other reasons why Summer could be the perfect time for you to settle down.

  • You have a much better idea of what the house looks like in the summer instead of covered in snow and bare branches. You can picture your future home in all its glory as well as see what your neighbors are actually doing with their front lawn. Flamingoes anyone?
  • Homebuying is often a full family affair and kiddos can be picky when it comes to floor plans or the layout of their rooms. When they are out of school for the summer you have more freedom to bring them along and get everyone’s opinion on the house. On the flipside, if the sellers are parents themselves, they may also be looking to close the deal and get settled before the new school year starts giving you more leverage in your purchase.
  • Neighborhoods are much easier, and let’s face it more fun, to explore when it’s warm than when it’s freezing, and you have to hide from the snow and mud in your car to get a lay of the land. During the summer months you can walk around the neighborhood, see what it would be like for your kids to skateboard or walk your dog, and check out the local shops and feel of the community you are investing in.
  • More options are always a good thing when it comes to ice cream flavors, vacation days, and housing options and the reality is there are more homes available in the summer than in the winter. Not only can homes be built more rapidly in the summer but there are more on the market to choose from which means you have a broader selection and opportunity to make the right choice.

The romance and high energy of summer can be a great boost for you to get out and purchase your dream home. We have the floor plans and neighborhoods that are not to be missed on your house hunting adventure:


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