Fall Back into the Right Home

September is here which means fall in Colorado is arriving too. Our seasons may seem to change daily sometimes, but this month we can all expect cooler temperatures, routines for school and work settling into place, as well as changes in the housing market that make Fall a wonderful time to buy if you are still looking for the perfect home.

It’s no secret that once winter gets going, the homebuying season slows down. No one wants to be moving during snow storms or holiday breaks, so Fall is the best time to get settled if you are still looking to settle into your dream home. There is less competition without the heavy traffic of spring and summer homebuying, giving you a little more time to truly define your needs and explore options such as your ideal neighborhood and floorplan with Saint Aubyn.

Energy efficiency is a priority for Saint Aubyn Homes and we know it is a top priority for many of our homebuyers as well. By viewing homes in the fall, you have a better idea of how homes are designed to meet those needs. You can take a closer look at potential yard upkeep, insulation around windows and doors, as well as furnace function. With cooler months just around the corner, keeping everyone warm and comfortable in the home is a must.

House hunting in Autumn as opposed to waiting until the New Year also allows you to have your social calendar and family settled before the winter holidays arrive. No one wants to be knee deep in cardboard boxes, packing or unpacking as visitors and family schedule holiday events! Purchasing your home early will allow you and your family to be properly settled before all the festivities and travel begin. Finally, buying in the fall may allow you to be eligible for year-end tax breaks and deductions that are provided to homeowners, such as property taxes and mortgage interest, making tax season much more pleasant next year. Who doesn’t want to begin the New Year with more money in their pocket? If you are ready to find out more about how Saint Aubyn can help you find your dream home this year, we would love to hear from you!




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